Himmee is a Finnish family-run company that designs and manufactures high quality design lights. We believe in the minimalistic aesthetics and frankness that is inspired by the light of the northern latitudes. This means authentic high quality materials, a functional and timeless design and fair business practices!

Himmee was founded in 2014 when the company launched its first line of lighting fixtures. The range has steadily grown after that by several products each year.

In 2017, Himmee launched its own candle holder range. Himmee Unplugged is a statement in today’s hectic and technology centred life; it encourages to forget about distracting devices, to light a candle and enjoy the moment without wires, chargers or operating instructions.


Light is an important factor in the life of Finns and other people living in the North; there is only a little light to be seen in the middle of the winter while in the summer there is light around the clock. It is safe to say that these unique surroundings have moulded us into being experts about light!

The Finns need good lighting that makes possible an aesthetic atmosphere and working even during the dark period. With good lighting various moods are easy to create and thus affect people’s spirits!


I am Timo, the founder of Himmee and a designer. Light as an element has inspired me since childhood! I was brought up in Finland, which is a natural place to study light and experience how the changing amount of light affects the environment. This interest that I have had ever since childhood led me to study designing and light fixture planning.

Today I can say that I am lucky; Himmee allows me to work with the things I have a passion for!



Old-time communality and the culture of helping out is a big part of Himmee. Being a small family-run business that has grown in a community of artisans we wish to support Finnish small businesses and the traditions of craftsmen. Himmee is also actively involved in the cooperation between Finnish design companies!

Responsible quality

We do not believe in the culture of disposable things. The Himmee design is timeless and durable, our high-quality materials and minimalistic aesthetics guarantee a timeless and first-rate end product!

The designing of Himmee products always takes into account the responsible use of materials – we use quality materials that are produced as locally as possible. Fair business is also a part of being responsible: the parts for our products are ordered from selected subcontractors, mostly from Finland!

We wish to ensure the high quality of our lamps and that is why we assemble our lamps and light fixtures ourselves at our studio in Helsinki’s Vallila.


Himmee’s lamps are also perfect for public areas! We have the possibility to nimbly tailor the products in our line to flexibly answer even detailed hopes, or to design new lamps and solutions.

We always work in a close and transparent relationship with the designer and the end customer.


  • Himmee product tailoring
  • Project-specific lamp designing
  • Design consulting, training and workshops

Do contact us and we can think about a solution for your special needs!

Timo Niskanen +358409109190
[email protected]